Say goodbye to inventory hassle!

You need your printed products — but you don't need the headaches of storing and managing your inventory. B&B's inventory warehouse management and fulfillment services streamline the inventory process while improving and integrating your print procurement and management strategies. 

Interested in saving money, and simplifying your procurement process? Get our guide, 7 Way Web2Print Reduces Print Procurement Costs.

As your inventory partners, we can support you with:

  • Storage and Fulfillment Services: Our secure warehouse and storage facilities give you a controlled environment for your printed products. Plus, we'll pick, pack and ship your product for you. More ease, less stress!
  • Free Online Inventory Management: Have better control over your inventory so you never have too little or too many printed products on hand. Our Customer Center features a free online inventory management tool, so with the touch of a finger you can easily:
    • View quantities of the items we stock for you.
    • Set minimum inventory levels and receive automatic notification when inventory reaches those levels.
    • Send orders to replenish inventoried items.
    • Review inventory releases in process (an easy way to see what is being ordered and by whom).
    • Review inventory release history for any item, helping you spot trends and anticipate future needs.
  • Online Inventory Release Ordering: Refilling your inventory is easier than ever, especially with our Marketing Asset Management solutions. Anyone you designate to use the Customer Center can easily satisfy printing needs, whether fulfilling an order from inventory or printing an on-demand job. By decentralizing the ordering process, your company's divisions, branches or remote locations can order the printed material they need — while maintaining brand standards (or as we say, support your brand asset management. Simple, smart and seamless.