We make data management seem like kids play.

Sure, managing customer information isn't usually fun, but with B&B's data management solutions as your sidekick, you'll wonder how you managed details any other way!

You have the customer information you need to make informed, intelligent marketing decisions. We have the resources, software and experience to manage all your data with clarity and a strategic plan for your printing needs. From obtaining and organizing intelligent information to strategizing targeted campaigns, B&B's database management will up your marketing ante with the following solutions:

  • Refinement: Save money and time by only targeting the people most likely to respond with our data hygiene solutions that eliminate duplicates and remove erroneous records.
  • Analytics: Customer data is irrelevant without ongoing analysis and strategy. With B&B's analytical toolset, you'll be able to measure results and refine marketing efforts — while listening to and learning from your clients — and delivering relevant communications they actually want.
  • Segmentation:  Need a visual reference for who your clients are or should be? With B&B, you can better understand your clients and prospects by gathering information on their demographics, pyschographics, buying behaviors, firmographics, and overall profiles.

B&B provides secure online access to your customer records 24/7. Sleep easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.