Organize, optimize, and streamline the materials that market your brand.

You have an inventory of collateral your company needs at different times. Your employees need easy access to sales material, promotional items, etc, and sometimes at a moment's notice. Costly? Perhaps with your old method: Did you know that for every $1 spent on printing, your company spends $8 to $14 procuring the item?

Fast. Accurate. Customized.

A Marketing Storefront solution streamlines the material procurement processes that otherwise cost your company money and time by creating an online, personalized library at your fingertips. You control who sees the material, what's available and how they can customize content. Password-protected, your online management system is safe and secure, also tying seamlessly into your company's own Intranet

Reduce waste

If you are like many organizations, you may be spending at least 20% of your budget on marketing materials. You know the frustration of putting time, money and effort into developing new marketing materials only to find they become obsolete before they are depleted.

Because we use on-demand technologies whenever possible, you can now acquire most marketing materials in small quantities, cost effectively. There is no need to maintain large inventory and no worries that your materials will be obsolete before they get used.

lower cost

By combining online materials management and ordering, on-demand materials production and complete fulfillment services, a Marketing Storefront solution addresses the often astounding costs of material procurement.

B&B's solution will:

- Simplify and automate processes used to receive, manage and fulfill requests for marketing materials from field sales personnel
  and sales channel partners.
- Minimize waste from marketing materials that become obsolete before they can be used.
- Eliminate the cost of storing and managing large inventories of marketing materials.
- Reduce the number of vendors and procurement transactions you need to manage.

On-time delivery

Getting the right materials to the right people at the right time is key to the success of your marketing and sales and efforts. Conventional marketing materials supply and distribution chains are often slow, cumbersome and inefficient, frustrating everyone and too often resulting in over-ordering materials that eventually become obsolete.

B&B's Marketing Storefront solution can make your marketing materials supply and distribution chain more flexible and adaptable by:

- Streamlining and automating the processes used to receive, manage and fulfill requests for marketing materials.
- Reducing the time required to get accurate marketing materials to the field
- Making it quick and easy to update marketing materials, ensuring that your sale team is always using the most current materials

personalized channel marketing

If you sell through channel partners such as independent agents, dealers, franchisees and value-added resellers, you know these partners don't always have the resources to manage effective direct marketing programs.

Now you can make it possible for even the smallest partner with limited resources to execute effective, customized direct marketing programs to boost your bottom line. B&B's Marketing Storefront solution provides an easy-to-use platform for creating and executing customized campaigns in distributed marketing environments.

- Select from a variety of direct mail and email templates
- Modify to suit their needs'
- Upload or purchase a mailing list

Brand control and customization

Today, more than ever, relevance is the essential ingredient of effective marketing. The trouble with one size fits all marketing is that it rarely fits anyone. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an efficient, affordable way to let field staff and sales partners customize your message for their audiences without sacrificing control of brand messaging and presentation?

With our Marketing Storefront solution, you can reap the benefits of customizing messaging without bankrupting your budget or losing control of your brand. By combining powerful online document customization tools with the ability to produce materials in small quantities, B&B puts the power of relevant marketing at your fingertips and within your budget.