A mortgage company has over 400 loan officers in employment nationwide. When they first approached B&B, the company’s print requirements involved basic marketing materials for their loan officers. Now, the company personalizes their materials per individual officer. From their corporate headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, they would send these printed pieces to the home office, which in turn would send them on to individual branches and offices. At 100 pieces per sales agent, the personalization, printing, and mailing of these materials became very time consuming, often taking an entire month! The challenge was to create a system to reduce time-loss in the distribution chain while maintaining the ability to customize the materials per each officer’s information.


Sending materials to the home office means extra time for them to sort materials by officer and branch before distribution. B&B first analyzed the logistics of the company and saw a decentralized distribution process was a key factor in their dilemma. Cutting out the middle man and mailing the materials directly to the officer at their home address or branch drastically reduced time-loss. Additionally, B&B developed a process, using variable data, which would segment delivery of materials based on region and agent, giving the individual agents the customized pieces they needed in a timely manner.


After just a few months of implementing this new solution, hours and days have been saved by taking out just one step in the distribution process. Using data-analytics and lean automation, B&B transformed an outdated distribution model into an efficient and speedy marketing material supply chain. Rather than worry about turnaround time, this company can now focus on more valuable tasks.

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