A nationwide medical equipment provider has fast become one of the smartest direct mailers by using data-driven strategies. Their direct mail program is constantly evolving, contoured by the results of each mailing. In the beginning, their direct mail program received some response, but they weren't quite reaching their marketing goals. The medical equipment provider began a search for the best combination of messaging, data, and format for higher response rates, using multivariate testing and personalized response mechanisms to guide the way.


By starting with a #10 envelope stuffed with non-personalized color brochures and overloaded information sheets, the medical equipment provider received just a .07% response rate. Next was a simplifies 6 3/4 envelope with bold messaging on the envelope with a clear sense of urgency and a call-to-action, increasing the response to 1.5%. Respondents called a 1-800 number specific to each test and mailing list, along with a personalized ID number, helping the company to understand what metrics performed better.

After the second round of testing, the medical equipment provider realized that a more official document worked best for their target audience. By brainstorming and considering our print and mailing capabilities, together we created the Snap Pack mailer.

Printed in black and white and with an official layout, the Snap Pack requires that receivers open perforated edges - much like a mailed check - to read the message. The letter contains a specific 1-800 number, a sense of urgency, a trackable Priority ID, and a strong call to action.


The Snap Pack has been a winner, generating a 2.1% response rate. With simplified messaging, an official appearance, and a clear call to action, this piece has brought more interest to the product offering than any other direct mail piece to date. An added bonus is the cost savings. By removing the need for a return envelope, postage, and extra marketing collateral, the Snap Pack cut their marketing costs in half.

By consistently testing and honing in on their data insights, the medical equipment provider has a better understanding of how to make direct mail work for them!