A national, multi-million dollar car dealership annually sends its employees a complete guide to their benefits package. With over 14,000 employees, there are various levels of employment status and benefits awarded. Each employee, from salesman to executive, receives a personalized report according to benefits they receive within a particular year. B&B was charged with custom printing reports for each employee.


Once the dealership’s human resources team provided a complete list of all employees for the specific year, B&B segmented data to create personalized text tailored towards each employee. The database provided by the dealership was synced with B&B’s data management software and variable data programming. 14,000 customized benefits reports were developed and printed, which streamlined a very complex and versioned project.


By harnessing the power of a dynamic database system with our variable data printing, the national car dealership discovered that a process that was once bulky and complex had become refined and easy. Employees receive specific and urgent materials in good time, and the car dealership is confident that all employees received information that is vital to the success of their company.

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