A progressive international nonprofit organization, whose mission is creating sustainable livelihoods worldwide by partnering with local communities, recently underwent a rebranding process to better broadcast their messaging to the international nonprofit community. Since new projects are always on the horizon, the nonprofit is constantly seeking supporters and donors for their cause. When they acquired their new logo, they wanted to embark on a worldwide direct mail campaign to generate new leads and reconnect with loyal supporters.
As an international organization, with 500 employees in over 42 countries, distributing branded collateral materials specific to dozens of languages presented a burdensome task. B&B discerned an answer to the quandary of producing, packaging and distributing content suited to each local agent in the field.


The primary consideration for this project was the multi-lingual aspect. They needed a smart, simple tool for field workers to use to select the language they communicated to the community where they lived. We added a dropdown menu listing different languages within our custom Web2Print application, thereby bridging the greatest challenge to the international campaign. Users logged into their personalized page and chose the specific products they needed and could easily customize materials with their names, addresses and other relevant information for their geographic area. This allowed the nonprofit to maintain brand standards (logo, font, color palette, etc.) for perpetuating consistent communications, within diverse communities.


The custom Web2Print application allowed the nonprofit to capitalize on the online ordering process. They reduced obsolescence by having the most up-to-date materials in a centralized location, only producing materials when they’re needed. The streamlined process increased the nonprofit’s ability to be rapidly responsive to the many countries it serves. And finally, they gained cost savings with the ability to print in bulk.

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