A leading walk-in care medical center launched a direct mail campaign to generate awareness of facility locations, hours and special services targeting residents of the Greater Las Vegas area. The urgent care center compiled a description of each facility and its specific attributes, such as provisions for patients with disabilities. They also researched and developed a robust list of residents they wished to reach within their geographic area. However, the list was somewhat outdated, causing a two-fold challenge: first, the list needed to be current and accurate to ensure successful mail delivery; and second to communicate accessibility, the center wished to alert each resident to their four closest locations.


To solve the first challenge for the care centers, B&B’s data team conducted a National Change of Address (NCOA) search on the provided list of residents. This process removes any residents who no longer live in the area specified and adds any residents who may be new to the area. The second challenge was a bit more complex, as the data had to be geocoded. To provide prospects with location relevancy, geocoding allows for finding specific geographic coordinates from other geographic data, such as street addresses of Las Vegas residents. As specified per the care center providers, the four closest urgent care centers within twenty miles of each individual were matched according to the individual’s zip code and address. B&B mapped the four closest locations to each prospect, and by including the hours and special services for each location, provided important information direct to the receiver.


Through this data overhaul B&B achieved a targeted campaign for the care centers, reducing waste on postage costs and successfully reaching new potential customers through focused and relevant messaging.

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