A veterinary practice found that they were slowly losing customers over time. Reasons for the decline included new competition in the area and overall economic downturn. Their current marketing efforts consisted of cooperative coupon mailings to every single household in the regional area, pet owners or not. This practice came to B&B to see how they could effectively reach their client base and revive their dwindling business.


To better understand their needs, B&B conducted a series of interviews with the practicing doctor and his marketing partner; and then developed a relevant and targeted mailing campaign. The campaign was aimed at prospects who were past, present, and future pet owners and lived within a 3-mile radius of the practice, to ensure that the mailing reached its greatest potential. Based on budget obligations and necessary criteria, B&B acquired a specified list from available data, providing 12,500 prospects for the practice. Knowing that previous direct mail campaigns were unfocused, B&B advised that the practice include differentiators as well as offering incentives for first time visits. Goals were also set for new business development and anticipated response rates.


Within one week of implementing the direct mail strategy, 38 new prospects were calling in to take advantage of incentives. Of those 38 new clients, 7 made two or more visits within the next 45 days, which is an overall positive indicator of their potential lifetime return. For an initial investment of $5,790, the client generated a potential $24,500 in lifetime value, enabling the practice to realize a potential 423% return on investment.

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