A natural healing institute needed a solution for a critical aspect of its business. With programs in over forty states, the educator needed diplomas for its graduates as proof and certification of their training. Turnaround time with previous vendors was exceedingly lengthy, so the task was to create a customized solution for producing thousands of diplomas using traditional print methods, then versioning each diploma with the graduate’s name, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Understanding that the diplomas needed to be customized and automated, B&B elected to employ variable data. The certification institute had data on all its students that was easily populated and downloaded to B&B, so each diploma could be accurately and efficiently produced. Since digital printing does not allow for thermography or foil stamping (traditional methods that lend diplomas an authentic quality), B&B generated traditional pre-printed diplomas, which were then digitally personalized and mailed directly to the graduates in a secure cardboard tube.


The certification institute realized instant results with this solution. By printing the diplomas in bulk, previous costs were lowered and the production timeframe dramatically decreased. The process was streamlined from ordering to mailing, alleviating the need for an administrator to manage the projects and virtually eliminating error since the data for each graduate was generated directly from a database. The client also was given a scheduling tool which allowed them to track each stage of diploma production and anticipate when graduates would receive diplomas. B&B assessed the client’s needs and found the best fitting solution through a strategic mix of integrated components.

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