Helping customers communicate is in our DNA.

In 1972, Waddy Bland planted B&B's humble roots in the garage of his country home. Acquaintances were his first prospects and his children, Michael and Pat, were his first employees. But, Waddy's vision and skills reached far beyond this modest beginning. Using previous experience working in an envelope company, he became a print stationery resource — and as customers experienced his dedicated printing expertise, a one-room office and small plant soon followed. 

Today, we still deliver the intimate experience of a small shop. But, we've also grown to become an industry leader and one of the top 10 on the East Coast. And while bells no longer ring to alert us of walk-in clients (and we've since shed the bright orange carpet), our dedication to serving as a true marketing resource and partner never waivers. Complicated projects? We eat those for breakfast. Quick turnaround? That's our middle name.